Global environment economics


Global environment economics

write a summary of 8 chosen articles first then select 1 topic to read more related given articles to make a critical argument. — Required: 1. Choose one required reading from each of eight topics covered in this module and then briefly explain the key arguments and findings of these total eight articles. 2. Choose one of the topics covered in this module, read all required readings for that topic and carry out further research on the topic and then discuss critically why this topic is important in contemporary business by giving examples from your own business or your own business environment. The following will be taken into consideration in marking your assignment:  Comprehensiveness and accuracy of the review of the eight articles and the organisation and the structure in presenting the key arguments and findings of these eight articles in answering Question 1 above,  Critical analysis of the articles and research based on your own ideas and experiences in answering Question 2 above,  Discussing the relevance of the topic chosen in Question 2 above to the your own business and business environment with references to the practice,  Presentational qualities of your paper- citation, bibliography, paragraphing, spacing, spelling, quotations etc. — Harvard APA citation I sent first 8 files to you yesterday.

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