Global Economy


Q1 – What are these three sectors? 

  • identify and name those three sectors, and
  • provide a brief narrative for each sector,

According to literature review and the EU Energy Security and ICT Policy, the authors indicated that, the points of departure of the EU’s (European Commission 2007) energy policy was threefold: combating climate change, limiting the EU’s external vulnerability to imported hydrocarbons, and promoting growth and jobs, thereby providing secure and affordable energy for consumers. The main focus of the EU’s policy ideally was to move towards a single global regime and the mainstreaming of climate into other policies; and hence receiving a 20% portion out of the entire 2014–2020 EU budget.  The focus at the urban level was to produce the greatest results in an energy-efficient effort that will integrate three sectors.

Q2 – What are the five ICT enablers of energy efficiency identified by European strategic research Road map to ICT enabled Energy-Efficiency in Buildings and constructions, (REEB, 2010)? 

  • identify and name those five ICT enablers,  
  • provide a brief narrative for each enabler,

When looking further into the EU’s Energy Security and ICT sustainable urban development, and government policy efforts:

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