French Revolution


You are to use a topic for the question you chose.


1.     Jean Jacque Rousseau was a Frenchman who wrote the Rights of Man. After viewing the film on the French Revolution, how much of the Rights of Man were followed, especially during the Reign of Terror? Give examples.

2.     This week, we read about liberalism and conservatism, two terms that are by no means new to use today. Per your readings discuss the premise of liberalism. Has this ideology changed over time? Can we see elements of this in today’s society? Examples.

3.     Per your readings this week, discuss the views of conservatism. Has this ideology changed over time? Do we see some elements of this in today’s society? Examples.

4.     Doyle discusses the reasons for the French Revolution. In your mind, which do you believe is the most important and why. Examples.

5.     Discuss the issues that led to the American Revolution. Example.

6.     Prior to its revolution, Haiti was one of the wealthiest colonies in the world. The French reaped those rewards. So what happened? Why a revolution? Why a violent revolution? Give examples.

7.     Discuss Polverel’s interpretation of the French giving Haitian slave emancipation and discuss what he hoped to accomplish. Examples.

8.     Agriculture Revolution had a great impact on European society, it has many great accomplishments but there were a few downfalls. Discuss these downfalls. Examples.

9.     There was a change in Dynasties in China, the Manchu’s came to power. Discuss the organization of the Manchu Dynasty. Was this effective? Examples.

10. Discuss the foreign relations of the Chinese Empire with its European counter parts. Discuss whether or not this experience was positive or negative. Give examples.

11. Discuss the most important issue that was the foundation for the 1848 Revolutions. Examples.

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