Food Diary Analysis Start Assignment


In Unit 6, you were instructed to keep a food diary for at least four (4) days. In this assignment, you are asked to reflect on your experiences keeping the diary. This includes an analysis of what you ate during those days.

In your analysis, answer the following:

How did the results surprise you? Be sure to describe
What surprised you
Why you were surprised
List at least five (5) things you learned about your eating habits from keeping a food diary.
Provide a list of three (3) things you would like to change. For each of the four things include:
What you would like to change?
Why you would like to change?
What effect such a change might have on your general health?
What approaches would you use to make such a change?
Be sure to support your responses with at least 2 external sources.
If you saw this food diary from a patient, what would your recommendations be? Write a complete list of recommendations you would make and include at least 2 external sources to support those recommendations. For each recommendation include:
What the recommendation is for?
How the patient can follow the recommendation.
Submit your responses in a word document using paragraphs for each major bullet point, bullet points, or both. Include APA citations and references to each of the sources you used in your responses.

Estimated time to complete: 5 hours

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