File Sharing and P2P networks


File Sharing and P2P networks

Argue against the following claims being made by referencing scholarly journal articles. Substantiate each factual claim in your paper through a specific reference to one of your bibliographic sources or don’t make the claim. Opponents of Torrent and File Sharing P2P applications argue that the P2P applications are causing monetary damage to the music and video production industry and the applications should be banned/illegal. Musicians are losing money because people are downloading their work for free and the creator suffers. Many on this side argue that it is stealing, but the other side argue that if they own the files, it should be their right to be able to share things they own. This side, particularly the Recording Industry Association of America began suing consumers who were caught downloading music files illegally. However, this had a negative impact as many saw artists in a negative light and anyone who was associated with the RIAA was also affected.

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