FDI MNEs in China and Local Firm’s Survial Strategy


FDI MNEs in China and Local Firm’s Survial Strategy

Topic: the essay topic doesn’t need to be exactly the same as the lecture topic, but could be any topic deriving from one of our lectures which you think is really interesting and deserve your efforts for a research. Content: the essay structure and expression way are flexible as long as you clearly explain why do you think this topic intrigues you and if you want to do research, how are you going to do it. Citation Formatting: APA Other requirements of the essay: Format File name: Student ID_Name (e.g. 12345678910_XX YY) Length: no more than 2 pages Page: A4 (210×297 mm) Font: Times New Roman, 12pt Spacing: 1.5 Note: Make sure you read the PPT before write an essay.The essay topic need to related to the PPT that I send to you! Only 2 to 3 page essay and I need a perfect content! Remember doing some research related to the topic! Thanks a lot.

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