FCSC 101 M 07 New York University Ethical Considerations in Research PaperCourse


FCSC 101 M 07 New York University Ethical Considerations in Research PaperCourse

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Ethical Considerations in Research • Writing assignment

Due Wednesday, April 8th 2020

In class this week, we learned about several studies that, in hindsight, raise considerable ethical concerns (at the time, such ethical considerations were not observed). It is critical that we, as scientists, researchers, and scholars, question our assumptions, study practices, and how these may impact the individuals we interact with when conducting scientific investigations or experiments. As a result of studies like the ones we have been discussing, in 1979, the Belmont Report made recommendations about how research must be conducted. Today, all research involving human participants must be approved by an ethics review board (institutional review board or IRB) that protects the rights of research participants.

In reflecting upon your learning and discussions from this week, I would like you to dig deeper into the history of science/psychology to find another example of an unethical experiment. You can use any sources that you feel are appropriate for this assignment, but you must state where you found the information.

Title of the study (e.g., “the Tuskegee study”, “HeLa”, “Three identical strangers”, “the Stanford prison experiment”):

Where did you find the information about this study? Check all that apply:



Newspaper/magazine article(s)



Please specify:

(1 point)

1. In no more than one paragraph (three to four sentences), please describe the experiment. Try to bracket your own views, thoughts and perceptions, about what the experiment was about to provide your reader with an unbiased description. Do not say that the experiment was unethical, use language free of bias (e.g., do use words like “clearly”, “obviously”). Use in-text references when/where appropriate. (5 points)

2. In two to three sentences, explain what stood out for you about why this study was unethical. (1 point)

3. Answer the following questions. Use full sentences (but you may bullet point each sentence, i.e., your responseto these questions does not need to comprise coherent paragraph). (5 points)

a. What other factors do you think made this study unethical?

b. Why do you think the participant(s) agreed to participate in the study?

c. (if applicable) How long did the study go on for?

d. (if applicable) Who provided funding for this study?

e. What did the scientists who conducted the study think that they would find out?

f. Why do you think that the scientists felt justified in carrying out the study?

4. What practices are in place today that would prevent such a study from occurring today, or in the future? (please list at least one standard/practice/regulation/etc. These may be from the IRB.). (3 points)

First two PDF are the second work u need to do

last three PDF are the third work u need to do

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