Description Install a topic of your choice on Tumblr. Identify your blog’s title/name. Compose your first post, which will be in question-and-answer format. For your header/title of the post, pose a question that is the most pressing or most interesting/trending question right now in your industry. For example, if your blog’s subject is “art,” and your topic is “How can an artist use unexplored mediums to create new art?” then your first blog post design could look like this: Title/Question: How can an artist use unexplored mediums to create new art? Body/Answer: Share your story on what inspired you to research this question, and how your blog will help in addressing this topic via its forthcoming content. Share with the prospective reader why this topic matters and why your blog matters. Tell us a story about why you wanted to start this blog, as you would tell your friend! Visuals: Think about one to three visuals that can help illustrate your point, as well as references, examples, facts, and statistics that can strengthen your arguments and position on why you chose to start a blog on this particular topic. Note: Naturally, you are not going to solve this question in one post, as the aim of this first post is to lay the foundations for your future posts on this topic. You are setting up the ground of the grand vision for your blog. Word Count: 250-300 words (Tip: To quickly figure out your word count, you can paste your post into a Word doc and navigate to Tools > Word Count.) Purpose The purpose is to choose your design theme, identify your blog’s title/name, and compose your first post based on the blog’s main topic. Description Create your visual and styling components for your Client 2, Melanie. First, create your moodboard to focus on your concept for your client. Then, create your five collages of potential outfits that fit your client’s needs. Make sure to include clothing credits. After styling your outfits for Client 2, complete your written assessment to explain the methodology behind your styling. Write your one-page assessment with Microsoft Word processing software, at 12-point font, and double-spaced. Use complete sentences and short paragraph form—no bullet points please. Please answer at least the following questions: Explain your ideas behind your five mock-up collage outfits. What colors, prints, and fabrics did you select for your client? Why? How do these fabrics work for this season? Does your client need to mix and match items in her wardrobe frequently? If so, will your client be able to mix and match successfully with the items you’ve given them? What is the price point of your collage outfits? What brands did you incorporate, and where can the client buy the clothing? How did you incorporate the client’s mission and vision for her new wardrobe? Did you deliver some of the specific items that they were looking for? What was the most challenging part of styling this client? Are there any other important details you would like to add? Purpose Acquire experience in building outfits for a personal “real life” client. The purpose of the written assessment is to gain practice in explaining and defining your styling. This is crucial when working with a client, as you need to have reasoning behind your styling choices. Have you chosen your pieces for price point, silhouette, or another reason?

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