Family And Community Engagement To Improve Student Learning


Task 4: Family and Community Engagement to Improve Student Learning

The candidate will develop a research informed proposal and implement at least one 

component to improve family and community engagement and leadership in a school’s 

priority area. This priority area should be related to equitable student achievement, student 

health, recreation, or social needs that impact their learning. The candidate will work 

collaboratively in reciprocal, two-way, and culturally responsive  communication with 

internal and external stakeholders representing but not limited to school administration, staff, 

families, community members, and students, and detail how they will intentionally  shift 

power dynamics to create an inclusive team that attends to equitable representation of the 

school community demographics (e.g. students of color, LGBTQ students, emergent bilingual 

students, students receiving special education services, Native American/Indigenous Peoples, 

and others). In authentic collaboration with their selected group of stakeholders, the candidate 

will select a priority area based on evidence of student needs, gather information related to 

family and community engagement and leadership needs, develop a proposal, and implement 

one component with stakeholders.

 Focus on a family or community need that will positively impact student learning.

 Form and/or lead small working group(s) of staff, family, students, and/or community (as 

appropriate) that will be able to contribute to the development process, with attentiveness 

to the equitable representation of the diverse school community (or specific historically 

marginalized families or communities who are most impacted by the selected 

issue/need/initiative) and detail how to intentionally shift power dynamics to create an 

inclusive team environment.


 Review current district policies and building programs that encourage equitable and 

culturally responsive or culturally sustaining family engagement. Identify opportunities 

for growth or enhancement of current practices.

 Develop a plan to address the identified opportunities and an outline needed to 

implement the plan in your building or setting that will increase family and/or 

community engagement in the school to positively impact student learning.

 Implement a portion or all of the plan that you developed.

 Identify data that can be collected to know if the plan made an impact.

 Develop an inquiry cycle timeline for this project, including the designation of a school 

team or committee for this work.  Ascertain what the administrative team’s (including 

your) role will be in this project.

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