Extra Credit Assignment | Maxwell & the Mehrabian studies


Extra Credit Assignment | Maxwell & the Mehrabian studies

3-5 page research paper (APA format) Complete research on the studies completed by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, as cited in the Maxwell book on page 48 of chapter 3 (Hardcover). You will find a number of references to the Mehrabian communication studies. – Find the original study and summarize his methods/findings/context of the study. -What are your conclusions about his study and how his findings relate to communication. -Do Maxwell’s statements about Mehrabian’s study appear to be correct in the context of the chapter? -Locate 1-2 other publications (these do not have to be academic citations, can be internet articles or magazine articles) the cite the Mehrabian studies. Do they properly interpret his work? I am flexible on this assignment. The point, for those of you who accept the mission, is to become familiar with these famous studies and how many people misinterpret his findings (the 7, 38, 55 rule of thumb).

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