External Dynamics


Current State of Quality: External Dynamics

It is your duty to find out what are some of the external variants that influence the quality with healthcare organizations including your hospital. List some of the external elements that affect your quality and why. You have a meeting to discuss quality initiatives and how to increase your level of impact from the external elements. How would you prepare and what would you present at the meeting as the new quality improvement director? 

One of the biggest external variants that influence the quality with healthcare organization within a hospital is the leaders and healthcare providers. Leadership for an Army Hospital starts with the hospital commander. The hospital commander sets the standard for his healthcare providers and staff to follow. The commander lets us know what his quality priorities are and how he wants us to reach those targets. The commander makes us believe that reaching the targets are important and it becomes part of the culture. Healthcare physicians are a huge external variant that influence the quality within a healthcare organization because they are the ones who treat the patient and therefore has the biggest impact on the patient and the quality of their healthcare. Nurses are another external variant that influence the quality of a healthcare organization because they also directly work with the patients, they are also responsible for tracking the measures of quality in healthcare. If I was trying to increase the hospitals level of impact from external elements I would first have to research and determine where we need to improve. The external variants that I have focused on which are leaders, healthcare physicians, and nurses I would improved through training. I would determine what the commander’s priorities are and I would determine what training staff needed to improve in those areas. I would want to present at the meeting the hospital’s current quality data and show how the staff training could improve the hospital’s quality data to reach the commander’s goals.P

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