Evidence-based teratogenic effect, or genetic or chromosomal abnormality that causes developmental problems of childhood desease



Choose one childhood disease, evidence-based teratogenic effect, or genetic or chromosomal abnormality that causes developmental problems. Discuss its origin (if known), risk factors and prognosis, any possible preventive measures that can be taken, prenatal tests and any advice you might give to educators or prospective parents. Describe how it interferes with typical development. If you choose a condition that has been mentioned in the text, be sure to expand on the information! Do not simply summarize my summary.

As with any other information you are presenting (now and in the future) do not overly rely on quotations. Read and learn about the condition, then close your books and browser windows and synthesize in your own words. Write in a way that a parent or grandparent would understand. That is, do not rely on technical language that you may not even understand. I want the reader to have a clear visual/conceptual image of the disease or condition.

You must use at least one current peer-reviewed source for information (many students use more than one). Make sure to cite and reference properly. If you have not yet read through the appropriate module, you will have extra work to do before you begin.

Do not use, [disease].com, WebMD or any other commercial site as a substitute for peer review. These are commercial sites that do not fit the definition of scholarly. Learn what you want from them, but they are never appropriate to list as references in an academic environment. In addition, a government (or other) site dedicated to “facts” about a disease or condition may be okay to use as a source of information, but it does not fulfill the requirement to use one current peer-reviewed source.

Please limit your submission to less than 500 words.