Ethics in Nonprofit Organizations


Ethics in Nonprofit Organizations

Your essay should be a coherent and well-developed essay focusing on the relationships between personal and professional ethics in the nonprofit sector. This essay will have two sections that need to be connected in the paper’s overall thesis and your discussion/ conclusions. Section 1: Your Personal Ethics In no more than 1 page, please articulate your personal ethics statement. This should summarize your overall ethical worldview, its foundations, and ethical boundaries in a professional context that you believe are important. Section 2: Ethical Case: Care4All Imagine that you are working as a public relations professional whose primary responsibility is developing corporate and large donations for a nonprofit organization, Care4All, that delivers healthcare to people in your community who cannot otherwise afford it. Your organization is primarily reliant on such donations and corporate partnerships in order to provide for its patients. One of the challenges of large corporate donors is that they often expect a ‘quid pro quo’ for donations such as a substantial amount of free advertising or even in one donor’s case asking for their sister to be hired as a nurse (she was a fully qualified nurse). Last year the fundraising objectives were not met with the charity raising only 97% of its targeted goal for fundraising and you are tasked with ensuring that the fundraising objectives are met for the year. Many ideas have been offered such as more event fundraising, small donor fundraising, fees for services based on income. You have been tasked to develop a sketch of an initial strategic plan for the next year identifying key needs/problems, measurable objectives, critical stakeholders to engage, and to develop a specific set of ethical principles guiding the strategic plan. This plan need only sketch out the key principles to be considered by the team, but it needs to be delivered quickly, so it should focus on core principles, objectives, and recommendations with strong support. It is important that you tie in personal and professional ethical considerations to your analysis of the case and recommendations. Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length (excluding cover page and references) and formatted according to APA Requirements. You must include a minimum of three credible, academic or professional references.

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