ESCI 1 De Anza College Behavior Modification Reflection PaperCourse


ESCI 1 De Anza College Behavior Modification Reflection PaperCourse

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Each week keep a journal with DETAILED entries for EACH day of the project – this will be turned in at the end of each week\\\\.

  1. Record your use of resources each day and indicate the changes made for each category.
  2. If you did not modify your behavior just be sure to say so and state why not. In the beginning of the project you may find that you need to continually remind yourself to change habits. It gets easier, becomes fun and should even save you money.
  3. Be sure that you describe each and every aspect of resource use and any modifications for the categories you choose each day (e.g., describe every time you use or avoid the use of energy, water, change or don’t change your diet…). One of the most important objectives of the project is to become mindful of how, when and where we consume resources as well as becoming conscious of how they are produced and where they come from (e.g., food choices).
  4. After the three weeks are completed, write a critical assessment for each category. Each paragraph must be at least 250 words and should be a critical reflection on your 2 week’s worth of behavior modifications. You should comment on the impact that these changes had on you or on those around you. How did these changes make you feel? Were they hard to incorporate into your life? Why or why not? If you discovered that you failed at something, discuss this too. Can you realistically make all of these changes on a daily basis? Why, or why not? Do you think that you will permanently incorporate some of these changes into your lifestyle? Why, or why not? Include information on any changes in utility or other bills you may have noticed by the end of the project if feasible.

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