ESC1000C SNHU Hubble and Galaxies dd


ESC1000C SNHU Hubble and Galaxies dd

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In the astronomy chapters you learned about the fate of our universe. One of the ideas is that our universe will continue to expand, which is based off of the red shift identified by Hubble. You may have heard the name Hubble before from the Hubble Telescope.

The Hubble Telescope was named after astronomer Edwin Hubble. Hubble is best known for determining Hubble’s Law, a law relating light and distance of galaxies, also known as “red shift.” Check out the Exploratorium Website to learn more about the Hubble Telescope.

Please discuss which theory of the fate of the universe you choose to be more plausible based on scientific evidence, and how the Hubble Telescope is helping us understand the answer to the fate of the universe and other questions of the universe.

You must post first before you will see the postings of your classmates. Refer to the Discussion Guidelines for grading criteria and guidance about posting to Discussions.

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