ERP implementation at Vodafone


ERP implementation at Vodafone

The assignment for this week is to answer four questions, (9-14, 9-16, 9-17 & 9-18, exclude question 9-15), that are listed in the MIS Case # 2. This case can be found in your text on pages 325 – 326. The case deals with the ERP implementation at Vodafone. Your response should be at least 3 full pages in length and follow the format provided herePreview the document. This assignment should be submitted via Canvas. Simply click on the Submit button in the right corner and attach your completed solution. I will return your paper with my comments and your grade in your Gradebook. Be as thorough as possible. Be mindful that I do subtract points for grammar, spelling and format errors. The assignment is worth 100 points in the course.

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