Equal rights proposition



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A lot of factors may cause an individual to miss out on the opportunity to own a high school diploma. Such factors may include dropping out of school or maybe not qualifying for the diploma. In this day and age, the path to landing that dream job may be hindered as a result of lacking the high school diploma. Studies show that rate of unemployment for individuals lacking high school diplomas is slightly above fourteen percent. This is still more than the national average. Chances are high that people lacking the diploma also lack the required skillset to apply for a job as they can barely fill the job application form. Employment Policies Institute (2010): National Unemployment Rate Steady,But Those Without A High School Diploma Still Struggle. Retrieved from:…

A lot of people assume that without a high school diploma, one cannot land a high paying job. However, this is not the case as studies confirm that most employers usually consider a college graduate without looking at the high school diploma. In the United States, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission advocates for employers not considering applicantsemployers not considering applicantsemployers not considering applicants who lack high school diplomas. If a high school diploma is mandatory, the employer should be able to show why the diploma is a necessity and how it is related to the job. This does not mean that the individual may land a job in the same time as a graduate. Quite the contrary, it is estimated that those lacking diplomas may stay longer before landing a job as compared to a graduate.

That being said, another opportunity for people lacking high school diplomas is that a majority of community and private colleges take in students who lack high school diplomas. However, they may require you to take some tests in order to assign you to a suitable course. A challenge that may be faced in this context is that an individual lacking a high school diploma, a GED or something similar may be required to fund himself throughout the study period.

In conclusion, lacking a job diploma does not make an individual unqualified to further their education or land a job. However, it is advisable to attain the certificate or GED even as the minimum education requirement if you are considering to seek employment. Weinstein L. (n.d): Can you go to college with no high school diploma or GED? Retrieved…