ENC3213-You are in the middle of your college career and need an internship


ENC3213-You are in the middle of your college career and need an internship

You are in the middle of your college career and need an internship. Fortunately, a business acquaintance of your mother’s works for a local nonprofit organization called Boca Helping Hands ( Although the organization does not have any positions available, they have hired interns in the past and you anticipate that they will post a position soon. You decide to email your mother’s business acquaintance (a man named John Doe, whom you have never met) to establish a connection and increase your chances of landing an internship.


Write an email to John Doe that expresses your interest in a future internship and your qualifications for serving Boca Helping Hands. Even though John Doe and the scenario are made up, your email should include real details about yourself, i.e. your relevant work history, skills, and achievements. You should also research Boca Helping Hands to learn about their mission, work, and perspective so you can better explain why you would be a good fit for their organization.

Keep the background information above in mind, as well as the standards for email etiquette and design described in Chapter 7 of Writing that Works. You should also consider the writing lessons and strategies covered in Chapters 1-2. 

Questions to consider as you write the email:

1.What tone should I use given my relationship to the recipient and the purpose of the email?

2.How will I determine what qualifications, skills, achievements, and so forth to mention? Why would I be an asset to the organization?

3.What attachments should I include? Note: you do not have to submit attachments for this assignment, just mention any that you would theoretically include, if any.

4.How will I structure the email and organize the content?

5.Have I included all necessary elements of a business email? 

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