Discussion physical security


For this assignment you are required to write a minimum of two paragraphs for each question. Each paragraph should have at least one in-text citation. You should not repeat any of the citations used (Different citation for each citing). Every paragraph should have at least four complete sentences. Each question should have a subtitle (Bold and Centered). You must also respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts with at least 100 words each before the due date. You need to use the discussion board header provided in the getting started folder. Your initial post is due by Wednesday1159pm, and the responses are due by Saturday of each week.

  1. What was the name of the first computer network?
    1. Who created this network
  2. When did this network got established?
    1. Explain one of the major disadvantages of this network at its initial stage
  3. What is TCP?
    1. Who created TCP?
    2. When was it implemented
  4. What is IP?
    1. When was it implemented
    2. How did the implementation of TCP/IP revolutionize communication technology?

Your initial post is due by Wednesday, and two responses of 100 words minimum are completed by Saturday. You will lose 50% of the score if the above requirements are not followed. Please ensure to use the DB header and cite accordingly.  

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