(Solved)Discussion LGBTQ


Discussion LGBTQ

After reading and reviewing the material in the Reading & Study folder, reflect upon what you have learned and include pertinent aspects of the material in your response to the following:

Note any information that surprised you and describe 3 key themes that you will take away from this material in order to help you when addressing gender and sexual orientation in counseling. What are your thoughts about working with the LGBTQ+ population in general?  What is one question you wanted to ask Dr. Garzon (presentation) or Dr. Yarhouse (video) and why?


Be sure to use Scripture and scholarly sources to support your argument. Cite your Bible reference and sources.


Textbook Readings

· Presentation: The Lesbian & Gay Population

· Presentation: Sexual Identity in Professional Counseling Practice

· Video: Who Knows Best – Transgender Kids (BBC Documentary)

· Article: A Different Stripe – Transgender Issues

· Website: An Inclusive Response to LGB and Conservative Religious Persons

APA PsycNet Records

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         Document Type: Journal Article


Yarhouse, M. A., & Burkett, L. A. (2002). An inclusive response to LGB and conservative religious persons: The case of same-sex attraction and behavior. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 33(3), 235–241.


How should psychologists demonstrate respect for religion as an aspect of diversity when that aspect of diversity seems inconsistent with another form of diversity? This is a striking challenge when considering conservative expressions of religion in relation to a person’s experience of same-sex attraction and behavior. This article (a) asserts that conservative religion is a legitimate, though often overlooked, expression of diversity; (b) identifies ways in which gay-integrative theorists and conservative religious persons fail to appreciate each other’s perspective; and (c) presents a continuum of service delivery options to expand clinical services to persons who experience same-sex attraction. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)

Unique Identifier



An inclusive response to LGB and conservative religious persons: The case of same-sex attraction and behavior.

Special Section

Special Section: Responding to Sexual Orientation Issues.

Publication Date

Jun 2002

Publication History

  • Accepted: Aug 8, 2001
  • Revised: Mar 26, 2001
  • First Submitted: Oct 2, 2000




Yarhouse, Mark A.; Burkett, Lori A.


Yarhouse, Mark

Correspondence Address

Yarhouse, Mark A.: Regent U, School of Psychology & Counseling, CRB 215, 1000 Regent University Dr, Virginia Beach, VA, US, 23464,


Yarhouse, Mark A.Regent U, Virginia Beach, VA, US

Burkett, Lori A.Regent U, Virginia Beach, VA, US


Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, Vol 33(3), Jun 2002, 235-241.

NLM Title Abbreviation

Prof Psychol Res Pr

Special Section Title

Special Section: Responding to Sexual Orientation Issues.


1939-1323 (Electronic); 0735-7028 (Print)

Other Serial Titles

Professional Psychology


US: American Psychological Association

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Publication Type

Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal

Document Type

Journal Article

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psychologists; conservative religion; same-sex attraction & behavior; diversity; gay-integrative theorists; treatment; service delivery

Index Terms

Conservatism; Health Care Delivery; Homosexuality; Religion; Multiculturalism; Homosexuality (Attitudes Toward); Psychologists; Religious Beliefs; Religious Practices; Treatment

PsycInfo Classification

3400 Professional Psychological & Health Personnel Issues; 3300 Health & Mental Health Treatment & Prevention

Population Group



  • Holder: American Psychological Association
  • Year: 2002


Annual convention of the American Psychological Association, 108, Aug, 2000, Washington, DC, US; Portions of this article were presented as part of a symposium entitled , which was presented at the aforementioned conference.

Release Date

20020522 (APA PsycInfo); 20060710 (APA PsycArticles)

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