‘Discrimination of Employment” based on race, gender or religion


‘Discrimination of Employment” based on race, gender or religion

(Term Paper) Students are required to write a 12-15 page term paper that addresses some aspect of racial, class and sex disparity. Students are advised to consult with the instructor about their topic throughout the semester. The following is an example of a suggested format for the paper:  An introduction that identifies a problem or issue and explains why the problem or issue is worth exploring 2  A brief literature review that describes what is known about the problem or issue in the professional literature and what questions remain to be answered  An analysis of the problem or issue that includes a discussion of what determines and/or affects the problem (i.e. the student’s insights into causes or consequences of the problem or issue the student chooses to analyze)  A discussion of policy recommendation(s) or remedies to address the problem or issue.

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