Digital Transformation of Organisations with New and Emerging Information Systems


Digital Transformation of Organisations with New and Emerging Information Systems

The topic is broadly about digital entrepreneurship, but focusing on digital transformation of Organizations by New and Emerging Information Systems . It is seeking to find out what and how organisations are influenced or transformed by new and emerging digital technologies. This work should have the structure and format of a BOOK CHAPTER. The chapter will draw on secondary sources to review cases of the use of new and emerging digital technologies in organiations within developing countries. The following should be considered as part of the objerctives: – Successful or partially successful examples of how organizations are being transformed by new and emerging information systems, in developing countries, particularly Africa and Ghana, and how to manage change and reform governance structures during the transformation. Examples of the new and emerging information systems and how they have impacted transformation in the organizations in specific developing coiuntries, especially Africa and Ghana? How are the organizations managing the changes and transformations due to the respective new and emerging information system (didital technologies). what strategies are being used? How are organisations reforming governance and management structures during the transformation? The subsections for the chapter would include: abstract, introduction and literature background, main focus of the work with findings and discussions, conclusions and recommendations. The main focus of work should include: 1. Write up on each emerging technology with discussions on how it is being used in developing countries especially Africa. showing the impact of such transformations. 2. Write up on how the organisations are managing the transformation and reforming management and governance structures to be able to handle the transformations and be successful. The discussions shoud have references that involve the literature review. the chapter examines how entrepreneurs, organizations and institutions make specific decisions in leveraging new and emerging digital technologies/services/information platforms (e.g. data mining, social commerce, social media journalism, fake news networks, User-generated content, video content, voice search, pre-cognitive technologies, blockchain, smart devices, cloud computing, Internet of Things, virtual/augmented reality, big data analytics, 3D/4D printing, Drones) to create new products and services. the excamples of the technologies to include are as given above above Academic Level is PhD.

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