Developing An Advocacy Program


Review Donaldson’s article: “Developing an Advocacy Program within a Human Services Agency,” and discuss the following questions (See link to article on Activities page).(250 words)

  1. The       author discusses an unresolved question in the literature that examines       to what extent nonprofit advocacy behavior is motivated by “self” or       “agency interest? (p. 27-28). The answer could go either way or for both       purposes and the author said the answer to these questions could       influence the strategies of the agency: progressive advocacy or advocacy       that is expert-driven and motivated by agency interest. State your       position here and give supporting examples (at least two examples from       the readings).
  2. On       page 43 in the “conclusion section, what leadership styles and       characteristics lend themselves to integrating a progressive advocacy       progressive program within human services agencies? In your opinion,       state why you think so.

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