Designing a Training Program


Designing a Training Program


This assignment is the first component of your course project to create an employee training and development program for a selected topic. For this assignment, you will create the initial design for your program, including a training needs analysis and training objectives.

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competency:

  • Demonstrate effective training program design, development, and implementation.

Assignment Instructions

Complete the following for this assignment:

  • Identify the general training topic you have selected for your training program (1–2 pages). Create your training scenario based on the topic you have selected. Include the following: 
    • A general description of the training topic.
    • Why this training is needed.
    • Who is to be trained.
    • How many are being trained.
  • Develop a training needs analysis for your topic (3–4 pages). For the purposes of this project, you are not expected to actually conduct the training needs analysis (TNA). Instead, create the following information as if it is based on a TNA. 
    • Identify what the trainees should know or be able to do after they have completed the training program. Research your topic to determine what you want your trainees to learn. Your sources might be anything from an Internet search for data, to a meeting with subject matter experts (SMEs) who are good at the task involved. For example, if you training topic is how to tile a wall, you might search the Internet for do-it-yourself instructions, or you might consult with a specialist at a home improvement store.
      • Summarize the results of your research or provide a set of the questions you would ask SMEs if you were to meet with them.
    • Identify what the trainees know or what they can do before the training. 
      • Create a sample survey, a questionnaire, a set of interview questions, or an observation checklist. Include this in your assignment submission as a separate attachment.
  • Develop training objectives for your training program (1–2 pages). Create 3–5 specific training objectives for your topic. 
    • Create your objectives based on what you have determined the trainees should know (or be able to do) after attending the training program.
  • Design a training program for your topic (3–4 pages). Define each of the following aspects and explain why you made the choices you did. 
    • How long will the training program be?
    • Will there be one or more training sessions?
    • Will those who facilitate the training be internal or external instructors?
    • Where will the training program be held?
    • How will learners be motivated to learn?
    • Who is the intended audience for the training?