Defenses To Criminal Liability and their Application


Defenses To Criminal Liability and their Application

Research Paper: A research paper is required for this class. The paper should allow the student the opportunity to research a particular aspect of Criminal Law. Please select a topic related to Criminal Law that interests you. This could involve a recent case in the news, constitutional issues, specific statutes or laws, or even a case study. It is expected that the student will incorporate concepts discussed in the textbook and in class into the paper and provide some reflection on how this research relates to information gleaned from other classes and your day-to-day life. Students are to submit a topic to the instructor by Wednesday, September 21, 2015. The student should use multiple sources from academic journals and/or books. Limit your research away from web-based research sites (unless accessing a scholarly journal) and weekly periodicals such as Time, Newsweek, USA Today, etc . The most important part of the assignment is content. However, students are expected to use clear and concise English on all written assignments and exams. A student’s grade on any written assignment may be affected by poor use of grammar, punctuation, or spelling. The paper must be 8+ pages (not including cover sheet and bibliography), double-spaced, any legible font ( Times New Roman), 12 pt. font. Provide proper references (bibliography and citations/footnotes). Use APA, MLS, or any SLCC approved format when documenting references. Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the use of another writer’s ideas or words without crediting that person for them. This unacknowledged use may be from published books or articles, or from another student’s work. If a student presents another person’s as his/her own, the student shall be given a failing grade for that assignment. This can eventually cause the student to fail the entire course. The research paper must be submitted through CANVAS, which includes technology used to ameliorate plagiarism. All documents are submitted and checked electronically. I would like this paper written about the defenses to criminal liability which includes justification defenses and excuse defenses such as self-defense,castle laws, insanity please etc. And the application of these in the justice system and court cases.

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