Debate on cybercrime : leaking military information


Debate on cybercrime : leaking military information

Debate : Three point of view. 1. You 2. Phil 3. Wiki-leakes type media My position is -Phil So write for me as “Phil” debate power point including at least a youtube video and little detail that i can read in front of my class pattern should be somewhat below it has impacted me 2.argument 1 3.argument 2 4.argument 3 5.counter argument if needed to add 6.conclusion, Cybercrime : Leaking military information. scenario: 1. Your brother, Phil, is a sergeant in the U.S. Army. He has just returned home (on military leave) from his second tour of duty in Iraq, where he was part of a multination security coalition (peacekeeping force) during the transition period for a new government regime in that country. Phil’s first tour in Iraq went relatively smoothly, but during his second tour, he witnessed a tragic event involving “friendly fire” in his unit, which has since troubled him deeply. He tells you that three members of his platoon were killed by coalition forces as a result of mistaken identity, although the official report issued by the U.S. Army was that the three soldiers were killed by enemy combatants. Phil also tells you that he was advised by his close friends in the military not to report the truth about this incident to the press, for fear of possible retaliation by some of Phil’s (Army) superiors. It turns out that you are aware of a controversial journalistic/media outlet (similar to WikiLeaks) that accepts anonymous tips about incidents falsely reported by governments and military organizations around the world. Phil has made it clear to you that he will not report the incident to the media outlet in question. However, you believe that the truth about the cover‐up should be reported (while you also believe that your anonymity, as well as Phil’s, should be protected). So, you seriously consider giving the information to this media outlet; but you also have some concerns about how the release of this information might adversely affect the families of the three victims, once the truth about the incident is revealed. After much deliberation, you decide to send the information to the media organization through an “anonymous drop box.” Later, you learn that this organization has been under criminal investigation for leaks of sensitive diplomatic and military information in the past. Even after learning this, you still believe that providing the information about the cover‐up of the “friendly fire” incident to this organization was the right thing to do. Next, assume that that media organization releases the information about this incident and that it is subsequently charged with criminal behavior for doing so. Would it be appropriate for you to be considered an accessory to that crime? Explain.

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