Death by Sitting


Death by Sitting

Death by Sitting Background: You are the manager of the Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) department at a Fortune 500 company at a large facility with ~2,000 workers (25% of those are in an office setting). During a safety committee meeting, they raise a concern that sitting all day is deadly. The employees site this article in Men’s Health (slide 8) which states, “…stay on your feet to stave off death.” The committee then recommends that the company provide this standing workstation to all office employees Assignment: The Director of Operations tasks you with reviewing the Safety Committee’s recommendation. Conduct research on the adverse health of both sitting and standing (provide a peer reviewed first source article for each with proper citation). Write a response to the director’s request that: • Politely corrects the Safety Committee’s research • Provides alternative proposals that factors in all risks o One that includes spending money o One that uses cost free solutions Formatting Requirements: This should be professional business correspondence (memo format) with the exception that your document should be double-spaced. You may determine the length of the memo that is necessary to address the director’s request. Use the FPST Guideline for Written Work to assist you with correct grammar, formatting, and presentation.

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