(Get answer) Hood College Cybersecurity effects on Business Research PaperSchool


Hood College Effects of Cybersecurity on Business Research PaperSchool

Hood College

Question Description

I need to write a brief description of the research topic about : Cybersecurity and the Business.

The instruction:

1-First write a brief description of your research topic – No more than half page about the topic of Cyber in Cybersecurity and the Business in the Separate paper.

2- All submissions must follow the original LNCS format with a page limit of 18 pages (incl. references and well-marked appendices) for full papers. We may accept a number of short papers with a page limit of 6-8 pages.

3- ? Important to know: the number #1 the half-page you should send it to me ASAP at lest tomorrow. Number #2 the to all the end

** ? Research Paper by use LNCS format.

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