Cyber warfare and its implications for the United States


The research paper needs to refer to the following source

❑ Kostyuk, N., and Zhukov., M., Y. (2019). Invisible Digital Front: Can Cyber Attacks Shape Battlefield Events? Journal of Conflict Resolution, 63(2)., 317-347. (pfd version of paper is uploaded to module 4 in d2l). 

❑ In addition you need to have at least 5 peer reviewed journal/book references 

The research needs to minimally discuss the following 

❑ The relevance of cyber warfare for the United States

❑ What are some examples of possible cyber warfare scenarios where critical infrastructure could be affected

❑ Emerging technologies that can be used for cyber warfare 

❑ What does Kostyuk and Zhukov (2019) address mainly in their paper? Do you agree with Kostyuk and Zhukov (2019) that cyber-attacks are ineffective as a tool of coercion in war. Ensure to explain why or why not. 

❑ Future implications of cyber warfare for the United States 

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