(Answered) Cyber security week 2


(Answered) Cyber security week 2

Part 1

Many security vendors and researchers now post regular online podcasts about security. Locate and listen to at least three different podcasts concerning the security field. Give a brief summary of each podcast. What did you learn? Would you consider this author again in the future? Why or why not? Would you recommend them to another student?

Part 2

Attackers are always searching for new attack vectors and vulnerabilities. Most of these attacks target computing systems to gain access to information. In recent years a new type of cybercriminal focuses on monetary gain. Ransomware is one type of monetary gain tool used by cybercriminals. Identify at least three attacks that are current. What did they do? Where they successful? How where they spread? Would you recommend to a client to pay the ransom or not? How can you protect yourself from this type of attack?

Part 3

Anti-malware is the first line of defense. It is extremely important to perform regular scans and interpret the results.

In 500 words, describe the basic secure design fundamentals that will create a trusted computing platform.

Part 4

Protecting the host through the process of hardening is a key skill.

  1. Develop a plan for hardening for the Windows Virtual Machine
  2. Include at least seven host hardening techniques as discussed in the textbook. Identify the type of control that you are implementing.
  3. Implement the plan.
  4. As you go, take instructional notes and screenshots that will help to reproduce your process



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Chapters 3 and 4