Cyber security homework



Your boss mentions that recently a number of employees have received calls from individuals who didn’t identify themselves and asked a lot of questions about the company and its computer infrastructure. At first, he thought this was just a computer vendor who was trying to sell your company some new product, but no vendor has approached the company. He also says several strange e-mails requesting personal information have been sent to employees, and quite a few people have been seen searching your company’s trash dumpsters for recyclable containers. Your boss asks what you think about all of these strange incidents. Respond and be sure to provide recommendations on what should be done about the various incidents.

– 300 words , Original responses should not be a word for word rehashing of what is stated in the readings, but rather an integration of the concepts and additional insights, either from real world experience or additional sources.

-You must provide a minimum of a reference, in APA format, in your original response. Citation needed ( APA format)

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