cyber security


The purpose of this document is to provide information to students on the requirements for individual assignment grading, including point distributions. Students can use this as a grading guide or “check list” before assignment submission to assure inclusion of all deliverables.

The CIO of the organization you chose read your letter and would like to meet with you to discuss the legal, ethical, and privacy issues governing the cyber domain and directly impacting the organization.

Research the legal, ethical, and privacy issues as they relate to your chosen organization and the broader cyber domain.

Using Microsoft® PowerPoint®, prepare a 12- to 14-slide, media-rich presentation for the CIO that includes the following:

· Title slide

· At least 2 fundamental U.S. laws that impact the organization’s and the cyber domain

· At least 3 compliance laws and regulations governing the cyber domain and impacting the organization

· At least 4 organizational security issues

· At least 3 security technologies used to comply with laws and that support ethics in information security for the organization

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