CSUN Nutrition and Healthy Weight Research PaperSchool


CSUN Nutrition and Healthy Weight Research PaperSchool

California state university Northridge

Question Description

Research Project Instructions

Goal: Using one of the topics identified below, take a position on an issue related to physical activity and write a persuasive research-based paper (6 pages).

Purpose: To gain a deeper understanding of an issue related to physical activity through research.

Content for the paper: Minimally, the paper should convey

• Summary of the article selected

• Position statement

• Opposing views

• Why issue important

• Claims, Support (must include relevant research)

• Concluding remarks based on your research and analysis of the issue. Should include how change could be implemented. Steps toward change as an individual, and we as a society, could take to improve matters

Length: 6 pages; double spaced; 1 inch margins; 12-point font size.Style: APA format.
• Introduction (1-2 pages)

• Article summary

• Position statement

• Why issue important

• Body (3-4 pages)

• Claims, support

• Opposing views

• Conclusions (1-2 pages)

• References (in APA format)

• No wikipedia sources

• At least 3 peer-reviewed journal publications

Personal experience can be included. Just be sure to link directly to claim(s) and not make this the primary support for your position statement or any claims.

Set of topics to choose from to write research paper.

  • Effects of Verbally Aggressive Conduct in Coaching
  • Why do Women’s Sports get less attention?
  • Nutrition and Healthy Weight for Youth
  • US Youth don’t meet physical activity standards
  • Exercise and resilience to stress
  • Activity and attention span
  • Legalize doping in sport
  • Masculinity and Sexuality in Sport
  • Addictive Junk Food

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