Critical discuss six media articles from broadsheets on crime


Critical discuss six media articles from broadsheets on crime

Critical Media Diary (3600 words): 100% Assignment: Critical Media Diary: 100% The assignment for this module will take the form of a critical media diary. For this assignment, you are required to make 6 diary entries – 2 on street crime; 2 on suite crime, and two and state crime. Each entry should be a maximum of 600 words, excluding references. The total length of the critical media diary should not exceed 3600 words, excluding references. For each diary entry, you are required to source a newspaper article from a broadsheet newspaper which is related to either street, suite or state crime and to discuss its key points in relation to the academic literature on that particular form of crime. You should also review what you have learnt during the lectures and tutorials. This could include, for example, the difficulty of accurately measuring crime; conceptions or misconceptions concerning rape; how powerful corporations may evade sanction for criminal activities; how state crime may be denied or reframed. These themes are, however, only brief suggestions – there is considerable scope to develop your own critical analysis depending on the articles you choose. You may choose newspaper articles from 1 September 2017 onwards.

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