College of the Canyons Society and Bullying PresentationSchool


College of the Canyons Society and Bullying PresentationSchool

College of the Canyons

Question Description

Students will create a PowerPoint on one social problem pertaining to deviance in the United States and its ongoing influence on individuals and society, as well as provide a solution to the problem. Hint: The deviance is not always the problem, sometimes the stigma attached to the deviance is the real problem. You will also use one sociological paradigm/perspective (conflict theory) to explain your institution.


As a reminder, for this project, you will need to identify a social problem pertaining to deviance (crime, violence, addiction, racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, bullying, teen pregnancy, etc.) and provide a Conflict Theory analysis of your problem in American society.

Assignment Requirements

You will need to conduct research on your specific social problem with at least 7-10 SCHOLARLY resources (e.g., books, newspaper articles, news magazine articles, sociological journals, internet sites, videos, interviews, etc.). Students are encouraged to use COC’s library database, and click the option “peer-reviewed” in the search to ensure resources are in fact scholarly works.

After you have conducted your research, you will analyze your information using the following questions as a guide:

  1. Discuss the history of your social problem. How did it emerge? How did it come into existence?
  2. How do members of society perceive this problem?
  3. How has the problem changed over time?
  4. What has caused it to change?
  5. Discuss any stable features of the institution, that is, features that have not changed.
  6. As a way to better accommodate members of society, what solutions can be offered?
  7. Who are the major participants in the possible solution? What are their roles and statuses?
  8. Does your institution work better for some members of society (as opposed to others)? This is where you will use conflict theory, ie: Who is benefiting and who is being exploited by this social problem?

You will then organize and submit your information in outline format on a PowerPoint (10 – 15 slides). Your slide presentation should include images, videos, charts and graphs where applicable. You are welcome to use Google SlidesLinks to an external site.Open Office ImpressLinks to an external site., or Prezi.Links to an external site. if you do not have access to PowerPoint.


Create and upload your final PowerPoint/slide presentation. Include a Works Cited page at the end of your presentation for your citations. For more information about how to create a presentation (the principles apply to all presentations even though these resources are PowerPoint specific), check out these resources:

CriteriaResearchOverall PresentationConfict AnalysisSolutions offeredWorks Cited 7-10 resources

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