COIT20263You are required to analyse the scenario given below and discuss the following issues


COIT20263You are required to analyse the scenario given below and discuss the following issues

You are required to analyse the scenario given below and discuss the following issues in the specified weeks by contributing to the Group Discussion Forum of your group.

  1. Ethical issues related to mishandling of various information resources produced at Smart Software Pty Ltd by the staff members (Due in week 5).
  2. The measures that Smart Software Pty Ltd should take to prevent its staff members from handling information unethically. (Due in week 6).
  3. Identification of information assets of Smart Software Pty Ltd. (Due in week 7).
  4. Identification of InfoSec risks associated with these information assets. (Due in week 8).
  5. The risk management framework(s) that could be adopted to manage the InfoSec risks in Smart Software Pty Ltd. (Due in week 9).

Check the unit website at least once a week for further information relating to this assessment task. Please ensure that you write your report in your own words to avoid possible plagiarism and copyright violation. You can understand the Plagiarism Procedures by following the corresponding link in the CQUniversity Policies section of the Unit Profile.


Smart Software Pty Ltd is a leading software company based in Melbourne. The company develops customized software for Australian business clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. The company is headed by a CEO who manages six teams – development team, UX team, QA team, IT support team, marketing & sales team and project management team. The development team designs and develops codes for software, while the UX team designs user interface. The QA team tests software developed by the development team to identify and fix bugs. The IT support team is assigned with the task of managing of IT resources and IT operations. The marketing & sales team acquires new clients and sales products to clients. The project management team manages software development projects and make sure the projects are completed in time and meets the requirements of clients. There is also a finance manager, who looks after budgeting, and an accountant, who does account keeping. The company has a turnover of $8m per annum.

A few of the members of the development team and the finance manager are teleworkers, which means they mostly work from home but occasionally turn up in the office to attend meetings and catch up with the team members. The company has provided teleworkers with laptops to work at home and they can connect to the office network via VPN. The marketing & sales team members frequently visit client offices to negotiate contracts and provide after sales services. The company uses various software engineering tools, version control software and application packing tools to develop their products. Some of these software and tools are licensed and the rest are free and open source. The company has a large repository of files and documents such as user requirement specifications, software designs, software codes, project management documents etc.

As a consequence of their recent strategic planning, Smart Software is now evaluating their security risks and looking to review their security policies and upgrade their security management practices.

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