COIT 2025-Big Data & Decision-Making


COIT 2025-Big Data & Decision-Making

In recent years, the ability of Business Intelligence (BI) technologies to provide historical, curre nt, and predictive views of business operations based on the collection, extraction, and analysis of business data to improve decision has been the basis of several studies. More recently, “Big Data” and “Big Data Analytics” have further stirred the interest of researchers and practitioners alike. You are required to conduct market research and write a report on how Big Data can be used in Decision Support and Business Intelligence (DS&BI). In this assignment you are required to write a research report focusing on one of the following topics (which you have already chosen for presentation and have discussed with your tutor)
1. Big data and new decision-making techniques/models/approaches;
2. Organisational and cultural issues of the ‘Data-driven’ organisation;
3. Leveraging big Data for enhancing decision making and creating new businessmodels
4. Social networks for exploiting knowledge or creatingintelligence;
The report should be well researched. Business strategy should be mapped clearly to business initiatives,
objectives and tasks. You should able to define required technology stack and required data and analytics
architecture for Big data for DS&BI including the Master Data Management (MDM). You should able to address
advanced analytics requirements necessary to support the business strategy they have selected. And the role
social media plays in organisations decision making process. You are required to discuss Big Data Value creation
process. The report should address the followings:
1. Identify, create and discuss Business Strategy for a Big Data use case
2. Identify and align business initiatives, objectives and tasks with the developed Business Strategy.
3. Identify and discuss the required Technology Stack
4. Discussion on Data Analytics and MDM to support DS&BI
5. Discuss support of NoSQL for Big Data Analytics.
6. Discussion on different NoSQL Databases and its use in Big Data use case you have chosen.
7. Role of Social media in organisation’s decision making process
8. Discussion on Big Data Value creation process. The length of the assignment is 3000 words. You are required to do extensive reading of more than 10 appropriate and relevant chosen topics in Big Data use case. Please do in-text referencing of all chosen readings. Newspaper and magazine reports should be limited to a maximum of 2. A comprehensive report covering all key aspects of the topic selected is required. Report should be extremely well supported with relevant case studies. Any assumptions made are clearly noted. The report structure should be clear, easy to read and logical, directly addressing the question. Suitable headers should be used throughout the report. Good use of graphics and charts should be made. No spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors.  

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