Coaching a Client


For this assignment, you will be practicing and applying some of the skills learned so far.

  1. Find someone to volunteer to be your client.
  2. Create a questioning strategy you will use to determine the goals of your client. Include two to three scholarly resources to support your questions.
  3. Identify the client’s goals and objectives for coaching.
  4. Assess the client readiness for coaching.
  5. Create a road map (action steps for the client to meet the goal) for your client. Include two to three resources to support the action steps created.

*Note*- please remember coaching has an element of confidentiality. Please do not identify your client by name in any of your writing.

You will turn in your questioning strategy and the road map to the assignment dropbox. Please review the attached document “submitting multiple attachments” if you need help with this task. You will write a reflection of this activity in the next Topic. You may consider starting that process as soon as you complete this assignment so you may capture some of your thoughts and feelings.

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