CMBK108 Baking And Pastry Arts Menu Plan


CMBK108 Baking And Pastry Arts Menu Plan

Design a 2 item dessert menu (keep in mind of what type of establishment you want to design for as this might impact the number of items you choose, and don’t forget you may have options like ice creams, sorbet, cheese plates, petit fours etc.)
Include the cost of the menu item and be prepared to justify your choice
In addition, write a 1-page, double spaced (standard margins) justification for the menu
Consider the following:
1.number of menu items,
2.cost of menu items,
3.type of establishment,
5. clientele, facility (and any limitations as a result),
6. current trends, nutrition, allergies/intolerances
7.Identify packaging, if any, plating choice/design
8. Justify menu design and formatting choices (font style, size, etc

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