Cloud Computing (Microsoft Azure)


Project overview

Effectively and insightfully develops a set of testable, supportable and impactful study hypotheses.

Justification for hypotheses

The introduction section provides a cogent overview of conceptual and theoretical issues related to the study hypotheses. Demonstrates outstanding critical thinking. 

Supporting evidence

Provides clearly appropriate evidence to support position

Review of relevant research

Sophisticated integration, synthesis, and critique of literature from related fields. Places work within larger context. 

Maintains purpose/focus

The project is well organized and has a tight and cohesive focus that is integrated throughout the document 


  • Sample
  • Procedures
  • Measures
  • Data analytic plan

Identifies appropriate methodologies and research techniques (e.g., justifies the sample, procedures, and measures). Data analytic plan is suitable to test study hypotheses. Provides appropriate justification for controls. Project is feasible

Grammar, clarity, and organization

The manuscript is well written and ideas are well developed and explained. Sentences and paragraphs are grammatically correct. Uses subheadings appropriately.

References and citations 

Properly and explicitly cited. Reference list matches citations. 12-15 references.

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