CIVE5066 To develop a Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Business Case


CIVE5066 To develop a Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Business Case


To develop a Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Business Case – A water treatment plant operator has heard of WTC-Coag and he would like to develop a business case to seek funding to purchase this software and implement it in his treatment plant to improve his treatment plant performance. He has a trial copy of WTC-Coag and he would like to use historical water quality data to assess the suitability of the software for his plant.

Treatment Plant Info:

Treatment Plant description: Coagulation / flocculation – Dissolved air flotation – Granular media filtration – Chlorination. Chemical used: Aluminium sulphate / Sodium hydroxide / Chlorine gas / Powdered activated carbon / Fluorosilicic acid / Potassium permanganate

For this assignment, we don’t have a specific format of your submission, as far as you provide the answers of the questions below


Inspect treatment plant record using the provided Excel spreadsheet, WTP records.xlsx

  1. Develop data pre-treatment procedure / data validation
  2. Identify key parameters need for this modelling assignment, briefly state why your selected parameters are useful for this work, concentrate on those input parameters for WTC-Coag and other parameters required to perform various calculations and evaluations.Identify data errors in the Excel spreadsheet, particularly those easily observable errors, such as, out of range or data entry error. Provide comment on why you think they are incorrect.
  1. Apply data correction methods, such as, how to handle missing data (average the two neighbourhood data points or fill the same value as the previous data point or exclude the missing data for calculation).
  2. State clearly of how you setup / correct the data and the assumption of why you believe the way you handle it is acceptable, provide a brief justification of the assumption and impact of the result, write them as a section (few paragraphs) in your document. Each correct item (item with a good reason) will score 1 mark but each incorrect item will deduct 1 mark. You also need to label and comment what you have done in the Excel file, you may use a separate cell or the comment function in Excel to illustrate your workout in the sheet. Submit Excel file for assessment.
  3. Assess plant operations data
  4. Determine annual plant output in ML (megalitres) Financial Year (July to June)
  1. Determine annual alum consumption in tons

Financial Year (July to June)


Determine predicted alum dose using the provided water quality data as inputs for WTC-Coag

  1. Construct a graph similar to Fig 1 and provide interpretation of the suitability of the software for this treatment plant
  2. Determine annual alum cost and potential saving after using WTC-Coag

You will be required to determine both current cost and potential cost saving after using WTC-Coag for the plant, you may provide the cost saving in a range including justifications of your assumption and discuss the limitations of your assessment.

  1. Recommendation including comparison of other similar products

Provide recommendation of whether this product (WTC-Coag) is suitable for the plant, compare other similar products (web search) and discuss the suitability, including model inputs and functionalities.

This section should contain, a brief background, problem statement (such as, the product is intended to address under dosing of alum and over dosing of alum, expand along these subheadings), options considered, risk assessment and final recommendation.

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