CIS2005-What went wrong? How could have GambleBet webservers and/


CIS2005-What went wrong? How could have GambleBet webservers and/

1.What went wrong? How could have GambleBet webservers and/or web applications been compromised and customer credit card details stolen? 2.What is to be investigated and tested, how it will be done, what sort of potential issues you are looking for, and deliverables GambleBet and their Bank can expect for each phase of work – (eg; the “deliverable” for the phase of work could potentially be a report containing the results of a vulnerability assessment test on GambleBet’s server(s) and web applications). 3.Such as access to key stakeholders and systems critical to completing the proposed plan of work for this security audit – the key people to be interviewed or whose involvement in that phase of work is required. (Remember, you don’t always get free-rein access to systems and other information and because time is of importance, you won’t get a long time to master the environment. But, as you know, you cannot also always believe everything you are told). What is key to getting this job done efficiently and what support do you need to get this done, (from GambleBet, NetBest IT Services and Big Frog Software). 4.Set of recommendations for improving GambleBet’s current security practices and ensuring that an appropriate set of controls are put in place so that GambleBet’s web servers and web applications won’t be compromised.

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