Choose 2 Recessionary Periods In The United States’ History After The Federal Reserve Was Created. Compare And Contrast The Monetary Policy Actions Of The Federal Reserve Based On Their Respective Operating Procedures And Monetary Decision-Making Policies


Choose 2 recessionary periods in the United States’ history after the Federal Reserve was created. Compare and contrast the monetary policy actions of the Federal Reserve based on their respective operating procedures and monetary decision-making policies enacted to combat the recessionary period. Be specific on the policies and void general statements. Be sure to include a compare and contrast of the banking system situations during the two chosen periods and how the Fed’s policies were designed to influence how the banks operated during the periods. Some questions to ponder: why, specifically, were the actions implemented? For what purpose? Did they rectify the situation? Why or why not? Fully explain both situations and provide sound economic analysis (theory and facts…no opinions) of the comparison and/or differences between the two. Please site references where appropriate and add any corresponding charts and graphs

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