Chinese immigrants



*A Different Mirror by Ronald Takaki (Chapter 8) 

*Harvest of Empire by Gonzalez (Chapters 8 & 11)

Identify and discuss two (2) laws/policies that posed a challenge and/or discriminated against Chinese immigrants arriving to the United States during the 19th and/or 20th Centuries. Identify and discuss two (2) strategies, used by Chinese immigrants to resist the laws/policies you have discussed. 

What population control policies were adopted in Puerto Rico throughout the 20th Century? Explain these policies. How did the U.S. (government, investors, or 

general population) benefit from these policies?

Identify and discuss the events or conditions in the country of origin leading 

Salvadorian migration to the United States. Discuss the relationship between the United States and the events or conditions in the country of origin leading to migration. 

According to Juan Gonzalez, what are two (2) reasons why Latino migration will 

continue in the 21st century? Explain the two (2) reasons why Latino migration 

will continue in the 21st century.