Case study:Coors Improves Beer Flavors with Neural Networks


 Need 2 replies for discussion forum with citations and references.

Read the end-of-chapter application case “Coors Improves Beer Flavors with Neural Networks” at the end of Chapter 6 in our textbook, and respond to the following questions.

1. Why is beer flavor important to Coors’ profitability?

2. What is the objective of the neural network used at Coors?

3. Why were the results of Coors’ neural network initially poor, and what was done to improve the results?

4. What benefits might Coors derive if this project is successful?

5. What modifications would you make to improve the results of beer flavor prediction?

Ensure it  includes intext citation and balancing supporting citations with critical thinking is needed with atleast 3 references list and APA format is required.

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