Carbohydrates and Diabetes


Carbohydrates and Diabetes

Write a thorough paper (1.5 spacing) regarding Carbohydrates and Diabetes (Parts 1 & 2). Make sure to include the following prompts with adequate support and citations to receive full credit: Module 2 Written Assignment Part 1: Carbohydrates Describe Carbohydrates, their functions & the importance of eating enough. Based upon the recommended caloric intake from My Super Tracker, calculate how many carbohydrate grams you should be consuming in a day (should be grams given in a range 45-65% of your total caloric intake). Review your food record: How many servings of carbohydrates did you consume? How many total grams of carbohydrates did you eat and what % of your diet was made up of carbohydrates. How does it compare to the Recommended Dietary allowances for the day (does it fall between the recommended 45-65%). Describe & Compare Simple Carbohydrates and Complex Carbohydrates. (Make sure to also list examples of each). What does your diet mainly consist of: Simple or Complex? What are some changes you can make to your diet to incorporate healthier Carbohydrates? (Be specific) Describe the different types of fiber, the importance of fiber in a healthy diet and the recommended amount for people. How many grams of fiber did you consume and compare that to recommended daily allowance. What can you do to meet the fiber intake recommendations? (Be Specific) Do you agree with the statement that “carbohydrates make you fat”? Why or why not? Part 2: Diabetes Describe what Diabetes is, compare Type I to Type II Diabetes & the primary contributing factors to someone developing the disease. Discuss the impact our diet has on the disease. Discuss carbohydrate counting for Diabetic patients, the importance & how many grams they should stay under per meal. On page 144 in the textbook is the survey for calculating your Diabetes 2 risk factor score: What is your risk factor score? What are specific ways you can reduce your score?

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