Capella University Poverty and Homelessness among Communities of Color in DC PPTSchool


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Capella University Poverty and Homelessness among Communities of Color in DC PPTSchool

Capella University

Question Description

Earlier in the course, you reviewed and participated in a brief research inquiry at the local level. You interviewed individuals, perhaps you located historical documents, photos, and investigated the origin of the issue or program within the community. Through research, you were able to find responses to that issue on a national level and have written an analysis comparing and contrasting two national programs that address your local community concern. Your research into empowerment, cultural diversity, and responses to the challenges has broadened.

After investigating your local program and the national programs used to address the topic you identified, how would you change your suggestions for growth that you incorporated in your Week 4 PowerPoint of the topic? Review that PPT and add information that will help to expand the program in your local community based on the additional research you have completed.

Add another slide or two to your original PowerPoint that you posted in Week 4 and post it here, again, to provide further development of your initial evaluation. In addition, please explain why this change would benefit the program in your local community.