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Firm Abstract (organizational analysis and supply chain map): Each student is required to research and fully describe a company or organization involved in the movement of people or cargo by air (3-4 pages, not including cited material). A good source of outside readings can be found at the end of each chapter, and through key word searches of the Library Electronic Resources abstracting databases.

The paper must include the following sections: Purpose, Inputs, Resources & Processes, Outputs, and Industry Outlook. The Purpose section must include a description of why the organization exists; to include descriptions of customers, the products, and other stakeholders directly involved in the operation of the organization. This section must also clearly identify and make a distinction between the purpose and the various “necessary conditions” that must be satisfied by the firm. The Inputs section will describe both the primary value-added and secondary supporting inputs. Resources & Processes will describe how the components of the organization interact to transform the inputs into outputs. Outputs will describe the primary value-added goods and services the organization provides to external customers as well as the secondary outputs. Finally, Industry Outlook will describe how the organization interacts with its environment in a modern economy and an assessment of future prospects for growth and success. A “system” diagram following the format provided in class is required. The paper format is limited to four pages, with 1 inch margins all around, using a 10 point font, and single line spacing.