California Baptist University Female Power in Greece and Persia Comparative EssaySchool


California Baptist University Female Power in Greece and Persia Comparative EssaySchool

California Baptist University

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Below is a sample essay by another student, so you can see the format. 275 words minimum original work please.



Sample answer by another student:

In order to start finding topics for my research paper, I first looked up “historical societies with female dominance” in order to find something that will grasp my interest. Google didn’t help much in terms of scholarly paper but it did bring about possible “societies” that I can research. For example, website named “Quora” enlightened me with some societies with female ruling that exists or have existed around the world. It provided me with a brief description of how their societies are structured and why their societal norms were able to give women power. Therefore, I decided to do my research on Mosuoa’s of china.

For my primary research on scholarly and credible resources I am planning on using the schools library website: . I remember getting a lesson on how to efficiently use the school’s research functions but I cannot access the vpn at the moment and thus cannot play around with it to refresh my memory. But my plan once I am able to access the school’s data base is to take my subject of research and dissect into IEMP models of mann. Then I will research critical parts of the subject added with imperative elements of the possible topic. For example ” Mosuoa + culture + geography + female power” and so, on. Upon researching for viability for the paper, of whether this particular society can be researched or not, I used Wikipedia to source the age of this society. And I noticed that there isn’t much research on its historical records.

My question is : Is Mosuoan women a viable research topic in how their culture and geography shaped their matriarchial society?

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