Business Simulation


Business Simulation

2 main part: 1. Team report about in-class simulation from round 4 to round 6. 2. Individual report on personal reflection and learning points. For the first one:Each team will write a report (essentially an “annual report” style of report) that summarizes their collective experience with running their company during the simulation. Your team’s report should be 6 to 10 single-spaced pages of text, as well as supporting exhibits (many are longer!) and should describe what decisions you made at each step in the simulation (and the strategic rationale for why you made these decisions), the outcomes of your decisions and why these outcomes occurred, what you are learned to do (or not to do) in order to be successful, and your overall learning points from the experience. I attach sample and the result of round 4.5.6. Each round have about 600 words excluding background QA. For the second one : Each individual will also write a report on his or her personal reflection and learning points. The report should be 1 to 3 pages in length (single-spaced) and an accompanying peer review to address peer performance during practice rounds, the in-class portion of the simulation, and post-class analysis and report preparation. To assist in preparing this report, KEEP DETAILED NOTES DURING THE SIMULATION. You will need these notes in order to remember the decisions your team made (and the logic for making these decisions) and to summarize your personal learning about managing an international company. I need 1200 words for second one.

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